What is the impact of Technology on Education? Are Education and Technology related?

In the past twenty years, education has changed dramatically. It is only because of technological advancement that the education system has changed. In the 1990s, computers were used very rarely. But now, it seems that education and technology have become an indispensable part of each other. In most schools, students attend the class with a Smartphone or a laptop as they have to access the internet all the time.

Technology makes research easy

The Internet is the storehouse of information that may be searched only with the help of fast internet connection. Students can now use gadgets having internet connectivity to connect with others and to make researches. With the advent of Google Scholar, Encyclopedia, JSTOR, there is no need to spend endless hours in the library. Since online research tools are available, students can make use of them. Apart from this, students may also conduct the researchers very fast and in an efficient manner. There is also no need to memorize anything intensively. With the gadgets like laptops, iPad, Smartphones, etc, information is available more readily. Even at home, students can make researches extremely fast and from the comfort of their home. You can make use of search engines like Google and Bing to find anything you wish to.

Interactive classroom experience

Technology facilitates efficient, faster and much interactive classrooms. When the teacher or an instructor uses a power point presentation or projectors, there is no need to employ the whiteboards and the chalkboards. Then, with the help of clickers, students can even take quizzes during the classes.

One-to-one-tutoring through online programs

The advancement in technology and its use in education have improved the tutoring services amazingly. Online tutoring programs can now be accessed and benefited from. As a result, one-to-one tutoring is now facilitated. Tutors can carry the laptops and search for information. At home, students can get one-to-one tutoring services through the online educational programs. Wi-Fi can be used to study comfortably and in an ergonomic setting.

Technology makes mathematical computation easy

Now, there is the advent of new mathematical software like the Mathematica and Maple. So, students can easily make algebra computation easily and more efficiently. For the numerical calculation and computation, an individual can use Scilab and Matlab software.

The internet connection allows students to read books at home and they can even learn concepts of an educational lesson. You need not go to the library to avail the book. Simply, you may visit the website and download the entire book within a few minutes.

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