Education Related to Water Damage Columbus Ohio

Moisture meter detects moistureYou will never forget the moment when you walk down into your basement and find yourself stand in five plus inches of water damage. How that your Columbus home is under water what’s next. First thing you need to do is call a water damage restoration company they will guide you through the process from start to finish. The tech that responds to your home will assess the damage and give you an estimate of total damage. At this point you will need to consider filing an insurance claim with your current Ins provider for the repairs. The mitigation specialist can help walk you through this step in the meantime the cleanup process can start. Every water loss is different and requires certain steps for the remediation and dry out. The most common equipmThermal Imaging Camera Detects Colling from Evaporationent you will have in your home will be high efficiency air mover and industrial sized dehumidifiers. The air movers will be placed accordingly throughout the basement mostly along the walls in a circular configuration to create a vortex of air movement. The dehumidifier will be placed in the center if the room to collect the moisture in the air. The average water damage will last three to five days but should to exceed seven for proper drying. Once the dry out is finished you will need to find a contractor to repair drywall, insulation, flooring etc. it is recommended you receive three separate estimates. In most metropolitan areas there will be a large amount of water damage company’s and not all are the same this is where some do-diligence is required look at their website and check out reviews and keep in mind you can use any company you would like. This article was made possible by the staff at Ohio Water Tech they are the local water damage experts in the Columbus Ohio area visit their website at

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